Information Advice and Guidance

Welfare rights advocacy work, Disability rights advocacy work, Guidance, advice and Information on; Immigration issues, Social housing, Direct payments and so on. We delivered on the Ealing GRAPE project in conjunction with Havelock Family Centre to support vulnerable adults.


HADEA works with outside organisations depending on the nature of the needs of the clients. HADEA refers clients to organisations such as the GPs, Social Services, Ealing Advice Services to name but a few.

Health Promotion and Provision

HADEA provides health information, advice, and guidance and organises events based on health needs of the targeted clients group. This year we delivered promotions and support on; Diabetes, Heart Conditions; Blood Pressure and healthy living and lifestyles. We worked in partnership with Southall Community Alliance to deliver swimming programme for 45 young people at Dormers Wells Sports Centre.

Outreach Advocacy

The service targets the most vulnerable adults and parents of children with especial needs by providing them with relevant information, advice and guidance. We do regular home visits, phone calls or arranging transport for the users to come to our centres in order to seek the support they need and when needed it. This is the diagnostic stage and after it has been agreed what is best for the use, the necessary arrangements are made where it might involved referrals to appropriate services.

Disability Intervention

We delivered a number of volunteer led projects for disabled adults, children and their families/carers. We delivered on the Southall Big Plan a family support project for families with disabled children in connection with Ealing's P.E.S.T service.

Financial Literacy

HADEA supported users with debt/financial issues through its partnership D0$h project led by Catalyst Housing and Havelock Family Centre on their financial literacy project.

Old is Gold project

Awards for all funded project that looked at supporting marginalised elders within the borough on a range of issues; such as housing, health and mobility.